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First, download RealPlayer from (only available on i686 archictectures). Then install it:
$ sudo dpkg -i RealPlayer11GLOD.deb

If you have a message saying that the audio device is already used by another application, try the following:

Go to the “Hardware” tab, and select the Audio Driver: “ALSA”, and edit the “PCM Device” to simply say “default”.




Caution : These commands can break your system. Use them only if you KNOW what you are doing !

On LMDE (Linux Mint Debian Edition, based on Debian Testing), firefox and thunderbird are installed in /opt.

To update Firefox, simply do the following :

$ wget`uname -m`/`echo $LANG | cut -d_ -f1`/*.tar.bz2
$ sudo tar xjvf `ls firefox-*.tar.bz2` -C /opt

Idem for Thunderbird :

$ wget`uname -m`/`echo $LANG | cut -d_ -f1`/*.tar.bz2
$ sudo tar xjvf `ls thunderbird-*.tar.bz2` -C /opt